Event objectives

The overall goal of the Africa Mountains Regional Forum isto enhance collaboration and frame a regional agenda for sustainable mountaindevelopment challenges in African mountains.

Specific objectives of this forum are the following:

1.To provide an opportunity for differentsustainable mountain development stakeholders to enhance understanding ofcommon conservation and development issues in the region;

2.To share lessons and experiences in meetingthe conservation and development challenges including water, energy, foodsecurity and climate change in African Mountain regions;

3.To identify strategic actions to addressmajor emerging issues such as climate change in the region.

4.To promote linkages and collaborationbetween different stakeholders (governments, civil society and private sector)for a regional framework on sustainable mountain development in Africa

5.The Forum will also entail a special sessiondevoted to UNEP’s inter-regional project “Climate Change action in developingcountries with fragile mountainous ecosystems from a sub-regional perspective”

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